One day trip to Athens

    If you are a traveler who likes to visit many places in one trip or if you are traveling on business in Greece, we recommend you to visit the capital. Athens is an ancient city, so every place here is unique. It would be nice to take a tour or just walk around the city.
    You should accurately choose interesting places to visit when you are traveling to Athens only for 24 hours. Start your walk from Panepistimiou Street, where impressive Athens Trilogy in neoclassical style stands. The buildings are made of Pentelic marble with ancient proportions, decoration and colors. They are unique and give visitors an opportunity to see the buildings looking like ancient Greece residences.
    Going down to the street you’ll see the Greek Parliament standing on Constitution Square. You can see a guard of honor evzones standing at the Unknown Soldier memorial. A lasting impression will give watching on the presidential guards changing. Then you can visit the magnificent National Park that was known as the Royal Park, broken during the reign of the first Greek kings Otto and Amalia. This is a true oasis in the heart of Athens, where you can take shelter from the scorching sun or simply take a stroll through its alleys.

    The next sight is Plaka where you can take the pics of the most picturesque area in ​​the capital. There are a maze of narrow streets and alleys, where you can climb up to the Acropolis. New Acropolis Museum have beautiful space, unique exhibits and panoramic view of the Sacred Rock. Then go down to the magnificent promenade of Dionysius the Areopagite. You’ll see Philopappou on the left side of the hill and archaeological area of ​​Ancient Agora on the right side where famous temple of Hephaestus stands.

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    Fishing in Greece

    If you are a fisherman, try fishing in the lake Kerkini near Thessaloniki, famous for its spectacular views, unique ecosystem and wealth of fauna. Near the lake you will see breathtaking views of the mountains and Belles and Krusson. There is a huge amount of fish at this point. Lake fishing is also gorgeous near the resort town of Katerini. There are many attractive places for fishermen, the most famous are Eksohi lake and river Aliakmon and Strymon. Here you can catch carp, catfish and pike. You can also go to the lake Oristiada which is located near the city of Kastoria for this fish.
    Sea fishing is a delicious fish caught in fresh water and fried in taverns. Fresh fish that was extracted from the waters of the Mediterranean has impeccable taste and extremely useful properties. The best fishing places in Greece are on the coasts on Halkidiki and Ammouliani islands, and the places near towns of Ierissos, Ouranoupoli and Pyrgadikia. Stunning sensation and adrenaline during the extraction of large fish, as well as magnificent landscapes are additional advantages of saltwater fishing.

    If you want fishing from the shore you should choose a place with fragments of rocks and stones. Its better to go to fish in the late evening, night or early morning. The best good bite will be provided is at night, the only thing that can scare the fish are eels and dolphins. If you see them, it is better just move to the other place. If you go fishing from the boat you’ll have higher chance to catch the big fish, than from the shore. You can fish from all types of boats, there is always a chance to catch the record size fish. The main thing is to choose the equipment in advance and prepare the dressing.

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    Luxury wedding on Santorini

    If you are thinking about how to make your wedding special and have beautiful photos to remember and to tell your future children a beautiful story about the wedding, go to Greece, Santorini. This wonderful island is the best place for wedding in Greece. Santorini has picturesque scenery, combining white buildings, clear sky and blue sea surface.
    Luxurious ceremony on the most beautiful island of the world will leave the best impression. You will be happy! Here you can choose the format of the future official ceremony: banquet hall with lots of guests, a quiet and cozy sandy beach in the warm sea coast, surrounded by vineyards or a yacht wedding in coastal waters. An integral part of the wedding is a visit to City Hall or the presence of its representative for further receipt of the Greek marriage certificate.

    Bridal in Santorini is truly a fairy tale in reality for newlyweds. Lovers from all over the world plan their journey before the date of the coveted ceremony, because the popularity of the place makes it quite popular by the future spouses. It is hard enough to plan the wedding and make the best ceremony, so on the next day you can relax and enjoy things to do in Santorini, Greece with your wife or husband.

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